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Rustic Chicken With Savory Garlic Sauce

When we really want to impress dinner guests, or just want to take our weeknight dinner game up a notch, then a simple yet elegant meal is just the recipe we’re looking for. This isn’t a recipe for the faint of heart, as the garlic in this dish is definitely going to be the real star of the show. True garlic lovers will rejoice at this luxurious sauce drizzled generously over chicken thighs for a meal that is knock-your-socks-off good. This is actually a pretty simple meal to prepare but one that tastes like you’ve studied at a culinary school; plenty of garlic adds a ton of flavor, but the bone-in with skin chicken thighs are about as delicious and rich as can get. We really love how this comes together and here’s how we do it.

We know there’s a ton of garlic here, so you’ll likely want to make this with family or a group of friends that really like each other, but don’t let the amount of garlic steer you away from making this dish. Another way to up the flavor profile here is to use a dry white wine along with the chicken broth, so when we want to add that richness, we will replace the additional half cup of broth with a half cup of white wine. A few pats of butter, a little salt and pepper and within a matter of minutes we’ve created a luxurious sauce that everyone will want to lick off of their plates.


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