This is What Happens to Your Heart When You Drink Energy Drinks On a Daily Basis

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Both these factors are linked to a higher risk of heart attacks, as high blood pressure damages the arteries, leading to stroke and heart attack-causing blood clots, and high heart rates have been linked to higher risk of heart attacks.

Let us review the ingredients of Red Bull. First of all, it contains tons of sugar and carbonation, caffeine and taurine as stimulants, and several B-group vitamins.

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There is very little research on the combination of these ingredients on our health, and many studies have shown that these ingredients are extremely harmful.

One study involved 13 participants, experienced in endurance training, who had to perform exhausting exercise three times daily. Before each exercise, they received Red Bull, a drink similar to Red Bull but without taurine, or a placebo without any stimulants.

The findings showed that the only drink that affected their stroke volume, the amount of blood pumped in and out of the heart, was Red Bull.

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Therefore, even though its ingredients might not be harmful when isolated, this chemical combination is definitely seriously damaging our health, especially our heart.

In case you need a quick energy boost, have a cup of coffee or some energy –boosting fresh juice or smoothie.

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