Which Egg Do You Think Came from a Healthy Chicken?

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nfortunately, a lot of people do not know the main difference between a healthy and natural egg and an unhealthy one.

Eating healthy eggs is vital for our overall health and well-being. This being said, we decided to help you learn which eggs are the healthiest ones and why.

Know Your Food

On the photo below, there are 3 distinct types of egg yolk. The first yolk is dark orange, the second one is yellow, and the third has a light orange color. According to you, which yolk came from a healthy chicken?

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Let’s take a look at the answers now

Dark orange yolk

This egg came from a completely healthy chicken and it means that they were given freedom and enough space to move. They were not kept in dark rooms without natural sunlight, but enjoy daylight outside. These chickens are fed with grains and also eat all kinds of insects, which is why their yolks are the most nutritive.

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